The Best Affiliate Network Website in Crypto and Finance Field

Affiliate offers in the financial sector have long ceased to be something new, but they remain one of the most profitable verticals. However, the CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) market does not stand still and today you can even find crypto-offers. Such a vertical is not as popular as the classic financial one, and this only adds benefits. But how to find an affiliate network for cooperation? The lack of media publicity of such offers does not mean that there are no such companies.

Aivix Affiliate Network

As already mentioned, crypto-vertical is a relatively new segment in the market and most networks in the field of finance do not yet offer a crypto-vertical. But has already established itself in the market with this vertical around the world. Why?

It is worth starting with the fact that the company is not an intermediary. This means that their offers are unique and not imply a resale. They work directly with both advertisers and traffic webmasters. There is a database of only verified advertisers and webmasters, which allows all parties to get their benefits. The advertiser gets traffic and results from advertising, and the webmaster gets a good payment for closing the offer and some other bonuses which you will learn about later.

Features of Aivix Affiliate Network

If you are interested in the affiliate program of this company, then all you need to do is register on the site and get recommendations from the team. The company operates in two verticals, namely financial and crypto.

Offers are available on the site, and company managers help webmasters to start an offer correctly and close it successfully. The user’s account is equipped with all the necessary tools not only for attracting traffic but also for obtaining statistics in real-time.

You just need to look at the offer amounts to make sure that crypto-vertical is now a very profitable direction. The fact that the company does not resell offers allows webmasters to receive good remuneration in comparison with other affiliate networks.

Why Choose This Affiliate Network?

The key advantage is that the Aivix network is not an intermediary and does not resell offers. The uniqueness of the offers means that webmasters receive higher payouts upon completion of each offer. But what else is so unique that this company proposes?

  • Round-the-clock support of specialists. Managers can help with the launch of the offer, and prepare the best solution based on your traffic.
  • Timely payouts of offers using a variety of popular payment systems. If necessary, you can discuss an individual withdrawal schedule.
  • The ability to set traffic templates in your account, as well as access to statistics in real-time mode.
  • The additional remuneration for the completion of offers in the form of AivixCoins. These bonuses can be exchanged for real goods from the AivixStore assortment.

The Bottom Line

The overall success of your affiliate marketing campaign largely depends on the choice of an affiliate network. However, with Aivix you get an almost ready-made scheme, according to which you will receive your profits on time and get competent help each time you need assistance. This affiliate network offers a real opportunity to generate passive income with financial and crypto verticals. 

What Is the Best Affiliate Network in Crypto and Finance?

Affiliate programs in the cryptocurrency industry are just gaining momentum, while in the financial sector they are not new. The crypto segment on the CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) market is practically undeveloped. 

Accordingly, this makes crypto-vertical one of the most profitable on the market, no less than a classic financial one. The key condition for getting all the benefits in this area is choosing the right partner, regardless of the crypto sphere or the financial one.

How to Find an Affiliate Program in The Crypto Sphere?

Crypto offers are not so popularly highlighted in the media, but this does not mean at all that there are no profitable schemes. Aivix company has established itself well in the CPA market and offers well-established affiliate programs and timely payments. This affiliate network has many potentially profitable strategies in the financial and crypto vertical. The key but not the only advantage of working with this company is that they are not intermediaries.

The company works directly with advertisers and webmasters. This means that does not resell offers, which is often done by companies in this area. All advertisers and members of the affiliate program are verified, and this eliminates the risk that the advertiser will not receive traffic and the affiliate partner will not receive payment for the offer.

The Features of Aivix Affiliate Program

The company offers to get real results for both advertisers and webmasters. Advertisers get quality traffic, and affiliate partners get good rewards for completing offers.

All offers have a variety of GEOs. This is one more competitive advantage most of the other companies on the CPA market do not provide. It is enough just to look at the prices to make sure that an affiliate program with the Aivix team is a real opportunity to receive a reward that can become an excellent passive income. It is also worth it because crypto-vertical in the CPA market is a “young” direction. And this means that you need to start doing this now, while this vertical is the most profitable.

Benefits of Cooperation with Aivix

Why is it worth proceeding with affiliate programs from Aivix? As mentioned, the key benefit is that there are no intermediaries involved. All offers are unique, which means that webmasters can get good money, plus the following benefits: 

  • Support of managers on a round-the-clock basis. You can request a recommendation and advice on how and where to launch an offer.
  • Availability of statistical tools in your account. All data is displayed in real-time.
  • AivixStore: The platform provides users with bonuses upon successful completion of the offer. Subsequently, these bonuses can be exchanged for goods from the assortment of the store.
  • The ability to quickly withdraw funds using popular payment systems. The company allows you to withdraw funds on time. It is possible to agree on individual terms and conditions for withdrawing funds.

The Final Verdict

The financial vertical in the CPA market is considered to be one of the most profitable. But crypto-vertical is a real opportunity to start making money right now, and doing it with the Aivix team is almost effortless. Starting cooperation with this company, you will get a reliable affiliate partner who will support you from the start of the offer to its closure. 

It Looks Easy, but It’s Probably Not

It’s been a difficult few months, but I’ve been able to manage because of the air conditioning installation in Queens that I had done recently. My system stopped working and I thought about trying to fix it myself, but then I realized that I don’t know much about how to fix an air conditioner, and there was nothing I could do to really teach myself about it. There are books here and there, but it really takes a series of classes to learn how to repair or install something like that. The best thing for me to do was to call someone who knew about these kinds of things to handle it. In my case, it was a professional who worked for a company.

I was able to find the company that could install my air conditioner through a friend of mine. He had some work done in his house, and one of the things that he needed to have done was an air conditioner installed. His air conditioner had been having trouble because it was turning on and off with no kind of reason, and it would also put out hot air when it should be putting out cool air. From him, I contacted the company and was able to set up a time and date for them to come to my home.

It didn’t take long for the company to remove the old air conditioner and install a new one that I selected in its place. When I watched the worker from the company do it, it looked easy, but there’s probably some more complicated things going on with it that I didn’t realize. I don’t doubt that if I tried to do it on my own, I would have probably run into some kind of trouble and would have needed to call for help.

Modern Trading is So Much Better

Trading bitcoin these days is much easier than it was when I first started. Back in those days, I didn’t have a smartphone, so I had to use one particular website that was always slow and clunky. They had one of the worst web interfaces that I’ve ever seen. As soon as I found out that there was an app that I could use for my trades, I used some of my bitcoin to buy a smartphone and downloaded the app. Everything in the app is much simpler, quicker, and makes it possible to earn more efficiently.

On one of my most recent trades, I was stuck in a decision of whether or not to sell some of my bitcoin. The best way to ensure that you can get the most from your bitcoin is to hold onto it until you see a good value, but the value of bitcoin at the time was very tempting. I wanted to jump on the price before it went down. After a lot of thought, I decided to sell, and after that, the price went down just like I predicted. It didn’t go down by a whole lot, but it was enough to make me glad that I sold at that moment. I capitalized on this decrease in the value by buying some more bitcoin.

Not too long after I bought more bitcoin, the price went back up again, resulting in me having more money than when I started the long process of thinking about whether I should sell or not. That’s usually the way it works when I have to make a trade. I like to weigh all of the options and think about every possible scenario that might happen with one of my trades. These aren’t life or death decisions, but money is involved, which means that they should be taken seriously.

One Blow for Good Luck

My favorite game to play at the casinos in Las Vegas is craps. I think it’s the most fair game to have a shot at winning. My friends all think that the dice are rigged in some kind of way, but I don’t see anything wrong with the game. I can predict how the dice will land, have my Latina escort blow on the dice for good luck, and watch them fly. I consider the escort a key part of me winning at the craps table. The good luck blow has worked out for me more times than it hasn’t.Continue reading

Making Money With Instagram Easily

The more accounts you create, the simpler it is going to be for you to earn money. Usually, however, you should create at least five Instagram accounts, and it’s better if you may create more. Instead, you have to run several Instagram accounts. There are those around who wish to acquire popular Instagram accounts in order that they can market to the account’s followers.

If you wish to earn money with Instagram but need help getting there, have a look at my course Infamous to Influential! Making money a part of nature, and struggle is a symptom which you are out of harmony with the stream of nature, how things do the job. Everyone wants to earn money with Instagram as it’s an incredibly popular social network. If you wish to make money by a legit way then chose an ideal platform that teach you everything to generate money. You can earn money with Instagram and other social networking platforms.

The way to ensure your content is getting seen by the appropriate quantity of your followers is to ensure that your strategic content advertising plans are well thought out. Instagram users no longer depend on the cell phone for a source of images. There are several users on the Instagram that there isn’t any product to sell them.

You really only have to focus in on how to generate income with Instagram and I’m confident you’ll be one of them. The way to create cash with Instagram is to promote products which you love using Affiliate links. Then, it is going to be difficult to earn money on the website. Following that, you’re going to be in a position to earn money on the website.

Evidently, you are here in order to learn to make cash with Instagram. Then you can earn cash with Instagram now. You can not earn money if you don’t have some product On the flip side, if you need to accomplish a fantastic success in comparison to your product then something needs to be different which is unavailable in the industry. Once you do so, you will be prepared to begin making some money. If you wonder how can you earn money with Instagram I will reveal to you now.

In case you have followers that are interested in earning money online, share your referral link so they can become affiliates under you for second tier commissions. If you own a lot of followers, you should earn a lot of sales. Many people believe you need a bunch of followers to produce cash with Instagram, but that’s not accurate. If you really need to increase followers on Instagram then click the highlighted link. Real followers are the sole way for you to really profit from Instagram. Unlike the ideal selfie, though, to earn cash with Instagram you will have to have many followers that believe you’re influential.

Ways to Get Started with Instagram to begin with, you will need to have sufficient number of followers before you can begin considering posting sponsored posts. As soon as you get a large number of followers, you may sell your Instagram account to willing buyers. If you’ve got huge numbers on your Instagram to show off to your pals, the majority of them will most likely be shocked. There are a lot of methods in which you may earn money from your Instagram account. Thus, a good following of users ought to be developed.

First and foremost, however, making pictures seem good takes immense period of time and practice. How to generate income with Instagram is more simple that you believe. Now you get a complete idea about ways to make cash with Instagram. When you’re happy, you’ve got happy thoughts and you’re feeling happy. When you’re sad, you’ve got sad thoughts and you’re feeling sad. It is possible to also discover that friend in the business who will make you do more daily. Possessing a very best friend in the company is so essential for long-term success.

Fortunately, you can get Instagram proxies in bulk. Once you get your Instagram proxies, you can make numerous accounts and build a next. Instead, you must utilize Instagram proxies and respective strategies so as to earn money with the social network.

The huge challenge with having a very low barrier of entry is that it’s also way too simple to stop. In actual numbers, from about 1000 followers upward you will have the chance to place advertising and make money. As you probably already know, the secret to any social network success is consistency and Instagram isn’t a difference.

5 Digital Marketing Mistakes You Commit, You Repent

There is a need to look at the what-should-NOT-be-done side of things as well. This is essential so that you do not fool yourselves into thinking that you are on the right path and keep wasting money without getting an ROI.

When you know that you don’t know something, you can find out. However, when you don’t know that you don’t know, such a situation is risky. Here, is a list from my side to make you aware of some undetectable errors you might commit in your digital marketing pursuit.

1. Promoting Rather than Problem Solving:
Beating your own drum is something that doesn’t go well with the internet-savvy people looking out for any product/services. They are bombarded with promotional information continuously, you don’t want to do the same thing and get lost in the crowd.

Don’t boast about how good your product/services are, tell them how it can help solve their problems. They have come to your site or your ad, looking out for a solution, provide them that and you will hit the bulls-eye.

While it is okay to display your achievements, stage even that to appear more for ‘you-the-customer’ rather than the ‘I-me-myself’ attitude. How? Show client testimonials! And let your audience think if you can solve the problem for your existing clients, then you can for them as well. Be customer-centric, portray your product/services as solutions and see the magic.

2. Relying Heavily on any one Marketing Channel:
Doing this mistake would not only throw your digital marketing budget out of balance, but can reverse slingshot your revenue. You may have implemented many strategies throughout your experience, out of which say one or two may have worked the best.

And its the digital marketing mantra that one should maximize efforts on what works best; relying too much on this mantra could be dangerous. What if this channel suddenly becomes ineffective? What if the organic traffic that you were so proud of drops overnight thanks to the unannounced updates search engines come up with.

Such a repercussion would cause serious damage to your bottom line revenue. Therefore, resist the temptation to pour all the efforts into one channel and create a robust well-rounded multi-channel based marketing strategy.

3. Ignoring some Marketing Channels:
This point is similar to the point above, yet different in the way that it proposes using every channel whenever the time is right for your business. It is understandable that a few channels like pay-per-click might instantly thrust you into the limelight, but you should not ignore the other seemingly slower channels.

While it important to leverage the high-ROI-producing channels at the beginning, at a later stage venturing out into the others should be the aim of your marketing strategy. Invest your due efforts in SEO, no matter how time-consuming. 6 months down the line, when the search engines would start paying you back with relevant traffic, you will thank yourself you did it.

Go social; get your name out there. But, select the social channels carefully. LinkedIn and Twitter works best for B2Bs and the famed Facebook is the go-to channel for B2Cs. As you progress, throw in email marketing into the marketing mix, you will be surprised with its potential.

4. Not Assigning Numbers to Campaign Goals:
“Isn’t this basic”, you may think! Well… we usually deep-dive into the advanced stuff and forget the basics most of times. So, set measurable goals for your campaigns! Say, you want to increase the number of leads generated for a B2B company, set a goal of +20% in a given month, then work towards it.

Don’t just say, I want to increase the leads – that’s just wishful thinking! If you define your goals in terms of numbers is when you’ll be able to scale your efforts, otherwise you’ll keep stepping in all directions without moving an inch ahead.

In addition, remember, you are investing money in your efforts; the person who is carrying out the campaigns doesn’t come free. Moreover, if you are investing money in paid marketing, not setting measurable goals is sure-shot recipe for disaster.

5. Poor Data Interpretation:
If you have ever seen the analytics dashboard, you’ll see how it shows different traffic channels like organic, direct, paid, referral etc. Now, direct traffic interprets into people manually typing in your website’s URL and coming in.

However, you need to make sure that the direct traffic numbers doesn’t consist of your internal employees. Ignoring this would result in data dilution and wrong interpretation of data.

Besides, choosing the wrong metric to define your data could be disastrous. For example, if you have a high ‘pages per visit’ or ‘average visit duration’, you may feel that your customer is spending more time on the site, whereas the reality would be your visitors are not finding what they are looking out for.

In conclusion, the 5 points given above are not about the tips or tricks of digital marketing, but more about its core. If you avoid these, you can make any campaign rock, while extracting the maximum bang for your buck.

5 Simple Digital Marketing Growth Hacking Strategies for Startups

The scope of Digital Marketing is really vast and it has come as a boon for businesses. But, the people who needed Digital Marketing most desperately are the entrepreneurs who are launching their start-ups. Unlike the already existing companies, startups don’t have enough funds to make a presence in this competitive market. They need cheap means to get to the level where existing companies already are and achieve their goals. Here are the best Digital Marketing growth hacking strategies & tips that would help start-ups to grow faster.

1. Responsive Web Design & Easy Navigational Structure

The answer to “how to engage the readers for more time on our website?” is the website design and navigational structure of a website. It is really important for start-ups to optimize their website design and structure for good Search Engine Optimization standards. This is so because the design is the first thing that the user notices on your website. So you need to make sure that your website has a unique design and responsive theme. Also, a good structure can help in improving your website traffic.

Website design & structure tips:-

  • It is recommended to make your site responsive by optimizing it for different devices (Mobiles, Tablets, Laptops) and screen resolutions.
  • If you have owned a WordPress site, use a responsive theme for your site.

2. Create Worthy Content

When it comes to the content, it should be practical, interactive and engaging so that when a user reads it, they don’t get bored of it. The content should be written in an interactive conversational language we use in our day-to-day life with words that can be understood by any kind of user.

Tips for creating worthy content:-

  • Write the click enticing title and heading tags.
  • Create the context and mention your own experiences (if possible).
  • Use visuals — images & videos.
  • Convert a bit of content into an image (info-graphics).

3. Take Advantage Of Social Media

Social media optimization is the best way to maximize your reach to your audiences. Share your blog posts various social media platforms to public attention and gain more user engagement to your site. Encourage them to comment/share and talk to them in the comments section. working in accordance with their wishes increases the faith and trust of your startup.

Tips to improve social sharing and content out-reach:-

  • Promote your content through experts and online influencers by mentioning their name in posts.
  • Mention your audience names in comments.
  • Don’t hesitate, ask your audience for share.
  • If you have a WordPress site use plug-ins automate sharing of your recent work.

4. Track Your Stats With Web Analytic Tools

Analytical tools are best friends for digital marketers.

These web analytical tools help marketers to know what is working and what’s not. Not just that, from where the traffic is coming to their site, what is the traffic source & medium, how much time they spent on the site, etc.,

Such tools help marketers to keep track on conversion rate, and gives insights into audience thus they can create content for those specific audiences. These analytical tools help startups to give their audience exactly what they want and reap more benefits.

5. Understand Your Audiences

This is the fundamental rule of any digital marketing campaign as it allows the marketer to know his audience in accordance with their psychological and demographic factors and helps them strategize in accordance with that. Knowing one’s niche helps the marketer to know, exactly what kind of content should be posted at what time intervals and in which ways.

The “Instant Gratification” Paradox In Marketing

Everybody wants results yesterday, without doing any work.

But, if you’ve spent any time in the real world, you know that results take time and often involve hard work.

So, how do you appeal to people’s craving for instant results without lying or manipulation?

You have to understand that all gratification is instant.

Here’s the thing:

Imagine you were studying to become a doctor.

And, getting a degree takes forever (I have no idea how long exactly, but it’s over five years or so).

Now, if you didn’t have the ability to get a sense of gratification during those five years, only after you got your degree, how many people would keep doing it?

So you have to chunk the gratification up. You’d get some gratification out of studying every day.

You’d get gratification out of passing a difficult test.

These are some examples of how, even without achieving the ultimate result, you’d get instant results.

How can you do that in marketing?

There are ways you can give people a sense of achievement even without them passing a difficult test or whatever.

For example, you can give them an opt-in bribe that solves an urgent problem right away.

A valuable tip that gets them results right after reading your report.

For example, if you were in the bodybuilding niche, you could give them a tip on improving their bench press they can implement immediately after reading.

That’s an instant improvement, even if they haven’t packed on ten pounds of muscle right away with that.

So you can change the structure of your marketing campaign and frontload an instant result.

Then, for the hard and arduous work, you can keep that for your product (you’ll learn more about how to improve your product in a second).

It even works for sales letters.

I saw this applied in Eugene Schwartz’s “Burn Disease Out Of Your Body” ad.

In the ad, he gives away one of the ideas in the book he sells.

You hold your hands a certain way and experience an instant flow of energy.

When people read the ad, they try it out, it works right away, and they’re more likely to buy.

This is a great technique for two unrelated reasons: it demonstrates the product and gives valuable information.

Another reason this is a wonderful technique is because even if the rest of the book takes time to implement, they know it works because they had instant results once already.

It makes them more likely to go through with the rest of the course even if they don’t get instant results.

And, you can even apply this to a product.

If you’re a freelance copywriter writing a sales letter for someone else, this might not apply to you.

But who knows, maybe you’ll create your own products soon.

Either way, if you’re creating a product, the same applies.

Give people a few tips they can apply right away. That way, even if your information takes time to implement and achieve results with, they’ll get fast results.

And, if possible, give people some milestones. The fitness niche is always a good example for this, because you can give people different progressions.

Once they hit a certain amount of repetitions in one tier, they progress to the next.

That way, they get a constant sense of achievement and keep going.

Why is doing this important?

As a marketer, of course you want to make money.

But, even if your goal is to make money, there’s one thing you should keep in mind.

It’s a quote from Earl Nightingale that you’d do well to heed.

“Our rewards will always be in exact proportion to our service. If you don’t like your income, you must devise ways and means of increasing your service.”

If you serve a lot of people, you make more money.

So serving people better is good for you on two levels:

First of all, you make more money, which is nice.

And second, you’re actually making a difference in people’s lives, which makes you feel better about yourself, too.

I talk more about the ethics of selling in my book, “Copy That Sells.”

And, demonstration and delivering value, as mentioned earlier.

The book costs $12, but you can get it free if you sign up to my newsletter today.

You’ll also get daily marketing and copywriting tips like this straight to your inbox.

An End-To-End Content Marketing Guide For All Business Verticals

For simple day-to-day understanding, content is a form of marketing that essentially revolves around the creation and circulation of online content. Content can be in the form of blogs or social media content, but it need not always be text it can also be videos.

The primary thing that you need to keep in mind as far as content marketing is concerned is that you should not promote your brand openly. You have to sell without selling by stirring up curiosity with your content. Content marketing is a continuous process of converting your prospects into customers, and customers into repeat buyers.

#ContentMarketingTip 1

Get the right information to the right audience at the right time.

Three important pillars of a full-proof content marketing strategy

  1. The purpose of the content
  2. Quality of the content
  3. Clear defined target audience

Content has always been a cyclic process and to understand the steps of the buying cycle you have to figure out why content marketing is important to your business.

  • Creates awareness – Your customer should relate to the subject and get to know something more than his/her existing knowledge. Always add to your user’s experience.
  • Background research – You can never think you are your customers only option. You have to remember that he/she will perform a background research but make sure your content is so that it stops at you. You need to have the final say.
  • Re-emphasizing on your content – Once your prospective customer compares you and his other options you are already in line. You have to ensure you are giving that extra edge that will help you be on top of the list
  • Buying – The final step is a transaction in your favor states that your content strategy is done right.

#ContentMarketingTip 2

Always add value and increase your prospects knowledge base, it is the best way to reach your target audience.

With a varied range of options available in content strategy, a customized strategy can be made to fit every business in every industry.

How to plan a content strategy?

  1. Content that grabs attention – If you can spin out the right content and target the right audience is reached half your job is done. There has to be a story that you need to tell with your content compels the reader to return to your site over and over again.
  2. Ask for engagement – The most important thing about content is that more it gets viral the better it is. Keep your content so engaging that your audience is compelled to comment either on your blog or social media. Give your audience a nudge with a debatable question at the end of your blogs and asks for opinions.
  3. A killer social media strategy – Social media is one of the finest ways to promote your content and reach a large audience. If you have a well-structured social media marketing strategy that is perfectly tailored for your business you visibility rapidly increases.
  4. Result oriented goals – The results you get by the end once your content goes online is all that you aspire for. The right time to the niche you target should be your ultimate aim.

Guest Blogging an integral part of Content Marketing

There is a stark difference between spamming about with short 300-word blogs all over the net and guest blogging. Guest blogs are majorly about awareness or polished articles that showcase the company’s area of expertise and its contribution to the industry at large. In most cases, guest blogs are professionally crafted non-promotional articles.

It is one of the most advanced forms content marketing as it can reach audiences that you might not even know existed and turned them into customers. It is one of the best forms of brand promotion and brand credibility. If you reach high-authority sites and post your content on them, it gives your brand the much-awaited push.

The future of marketing…

Content marketing is the present and the future of marketing. As popularly said that content is king most industries are shifting their focus to content marketing, and it is proving to be beneficial for them. Content marketing can help you save big bucks yet improve and increase sales. With content marketing, you can attract better customers who are loyal to your brand.