Learn from the Following Respected Dentists By Following Them on Social Media

There is no denying the fact that there is more to dentistry today than simply filling up cavities. If you are like many others out there, you want to give your dental practice the best possible exposure. You want to give your clients the best and most informative content when it comes to dental hygiene, dental news and general dental care advice. And this is best done through the social media by ensuring your online presence has the greatest impact with informative content on dental care and dental hygiene. But what do you do now that you are a dentist and not a blogger or social media influencer? How do you begin optimizing your online presence to reach as many customers as possible?

How about you follow in the footsteps of famous dentists who have already penetrated the social media world and have garnered a huge following? Here is a simple guide of the most famous dentists you should be following and looking up to on social media if you want to grow your dental practice. We have Dr. Thomas P. Connelly who boasts a whopping 11,000+ twitter followers. He has become an authority especially thanks to his blogging expertise at the Huffington Post. Additionally, his personal blog has thousands of followers thanks to the great discussions and topics he normally covers. The discussions are quite informative, sometimes even going to the extent of giving real-life examples with experiences he has had with his patients.

Second in line is Dr. Jacob Lipscomb whose active following on various social media platforms especially Twitter and Facebook, is impressive. He has very sound advice on his website and blog, and the best thing about him is the fact that he not only targets his clients but also other dentists looking to venture into social media marketing. Third in line is the famous Dr. Lorne Lavine, loved by many because his blog is somewhat niche-specific. You probably know him from the famous Digital Dentist Blog where he talks about dental technology.

While not a dentist per se, Richard Chwalek is an influential digital marketer that has carved a name for himself thanks to his specialty in dental care. He is a digital marketer whose niche is in dentistry and he seems to have perfected it so well. He is the brains behind Niche Dental Marketing, this site that is so popular and focused on teaching dentists about digital marketing. You can find out more here about digital marketing for dentists, PPC, how you can create a huge following, etc.