My favorite game to play at the casinos in Las Vegas is craps. I think it’s the most fair game to have a shot at winning. My friends all think that the dice are rigged in some kind of way, but I don’t see anything wrong with the game. I can predict how the dice will land, have my Latina escort blow on the dice for good luck, and watch them fly. I consider the escort a key part of me winning at the craps table. The good luck blow has worked out for me more times than it hasn’t.

I’ve seen people blow on dice before, but I didn’t get the idea to have an escort blow on them until I was at the casino with one last year. I was playing the game the same way that I normally do, and I saw a woman blow on her husband’s dice. I figured that since I had an escort on my arm, I should try the same thing. The escort blew once on the dice and once they were rolled onto the table, I got a lucky seven. I was excited, and so was the escort. I tried it again just to see if it was a fluke, and got lucky seven again. From then on, I’ve been bring an escort with me for dice rolls.

I haven’t tested out the escort on any of the other casino games, but I probably should. I could have her blow on my coin before I put it in the slot machine and blow on the handle before I pull it. I never liked the slot machines because I felt out of all of the games that could be rigged in a casino, that was the most obvious one, but maybe a little escort magic can beat the machine.