Signs On Your Dog That Tells You To See A Vet

Owning a dog is an experience that rewards you and provides you with excitement. The responsibility that is attached to the wonderful experience is also great. Since a dog is part and parcel of your family it is vital to know what steps to take if they are not feeling well. You therefore need to watch for warning signs that will indicate to you that it is time to go and see a vet.

If you notice strange eating habits in your dog, you know it is time to pay a visit to the vet. One of the red flags in this regard is skipping of meals by your dog which you regard as unusual. This can be attributed to the existence of certain diseases. The same case applies if a dog that is well behaved suddenly begins raiding the garbage or pantry.

You know something is not right with your dogs health if you start noticing excessive thirst with the pet. Your dog could be suffering from diabetes or a kidney ailment if you find this behavior in it. If the dog is urinating a lot than usual it means that it is taking excessive water.

One of the ways you can determine that your dog is enjoying good health is if its coat is soft, shiny and thick. A coat that has patches with bald appearance or dry and rough is a pointer that something is not right and the services of a vet is essential. Your dog could be having these symptoms if it is being fed the wrong food, presence of an allergy or a skin disease. Going to the vet for a solution is highly advisable.

You will know that something is troubling your dog if you find signs of lethargy. If you find that your dog is reluctant to go for a walk, play or take part in activities that are usually a source of joy for it, then you are looking at a pet that requires the attention of a vet. Dogs exposed to high temperatures can experience sore muscles or fatigue.

Vomiting that is persistent in your dog is unusual and requires the attention of a vet. In most cases the dog is attempting to get rid of unpalatable substance from its system. You know things are terribly wrong if the vomiting is on regular basis and comes with blood.

You can evaluate the state of your dogs health by looking at the condition of its stool. The stool of a healthy dog should be firm, moist and small. Stool that contains mucus, blood or worms in it means that your dog is unwell and you need to see the vet.