Some Of The Best Countries That You Can Move To If You Have Lived In America For A Long Time

If you have been born and raised in the united states, and you want to move to another country then you should know that this is not something new and so many people are doing the exact thing. It is believed that the trend will not slow down, and so many people will shift to other countries. People who own the us passports are considered lucky because they don’t have to hustle hard to get a visa as they have easy access to so many countries. There are so many countries that you can move to easily without you thinking about renewing your visa all the time.

Mexico is one of the countries that Americans can move to, and the interesting part is that you can actually live in Mexico for almost six months without a visa which is a good thing because if you feel that it is the ideal place for you, then you can later or apply for a residence visa. The visa lasts 4 years do you have to prove that you are making at least 2000 dollars a month or you have 80 thousands in saving every month.

If you don’t mind being in a warm weather environment then you should think about moving to Canada. If you go to Canada you are supposed to apply for a visa unless you are actually going there to get married to a Canadian citizen. If you are planning to go the visa route you should know that Canada skilled trade program allows someone to work in the country if they have a specific skill. The demand for certain skills are known to vary depending on the province that you will be living in. Many countries in the world how’s signed up for the global talent stream which is usually a good program that anyone who wants to move to those countries can sign up with, and they can easily acquire a job, and a visa then screw this program. Countries which are really far from the united states but they are really good are New Zealand and Australia, and you can be certain that they are worth the try. Obtaining a working holiday visa in those two countries is so much easy as long as you are 18 to 30 years old. The thing is that in this two countries there are certain skills that are needed more therefore if you possess them then getting a visa will not be difficult.