Fantastic Animations That You Need to Watch

A majority of people in America are animal lovers and have pets at home. If you are one of these people then its heartbreaking for you to see animal deaths in movies. Thus, if you are spending your weekend indoors you should consider searching for a fantastic animal movie to watch. Below is a list of exciting animal films you should add on your watch list.

If you love animals you should consider watching the classic film Flipper. The movie follows a story of a young boy who nurses an injured dolphin back to health. The dolphin and the boy develop a relationship due to the boys kindness towards animals. The boys bond with the dolphin is threatened by his father objection against swimming with dolphins.

If you enjoy animations then you should add Free Willy on your watch list. The film will make you feel sad when you see a whale captured for attraction causing separation with family. Therefore, you will watch the movie with hopes that in the end the whale will be reunited with family and swim the oceans together.

If you enjoy animal movies, then you should add Finding Nemo on your to watch list. The film acquired high popularity due to its incredible plot. You will feel sorry for the clownfish dad who is on a journey to reunite with his missing son.

The other animal film you need to watch is Ice Age. The film is about the forming of an odd friendship of three animals that rescued a baby and are taking it back to its father. You will enjoy the animal characters in this movie even though some may be extinct.

Hachi: A Dogs Tale is the other movie for all animal lovers. The film is about an old man and his loyal dog named Hachiko. The movie serves as a reminder to how dogs are loyal and great companions.

101 Dalmatians is ideal if you are looking for a live action animal film. The plot of the movie is about an attempt to escape the evil Cruella by hundred and one Dalmatians. The company that made this movie was keen on high-quality pictures. Thus, why this company is regarded as one of the tops in the animation industry.

Paulie is the other great movie for people who enjoy animations. The film is about a bird who wishes to reunite with his first owner. The bird tells his story of having different owners and regrets of leading a disobedient life.

Therefore, you should consider watching any other above films if you love animals.