The Benefits Of Having A Prostate Exam And Why You Need One

With prostate exam, it is a very important and also necessary screening that is done to men and when it is being done some of the things which are always considered are the age and also the family history of prostate cancer. The screening is always done after the age of fifty and it is always done at the doctors office where the patient is comfortable and also it should be very private. While the prostate exam is always performed by a nurse or a doctor at a urologists office, they are always able to detect if the man has any abnormalities with them or if their prostate is enlarged.

When it comes to the urologists, they are always trained to treat any issue that may be affecting a mans urinary tract and also the reproductive organs as well. They are also able to diagnose and also treat things like sexual dysfunction, kidney stones, pelvic floor problems and others. Before one goes for the exam that is done annually, one should always try to gather all the information about what they should always expect and with this it is also very good to know that knowledge is power and especially when it comes to any medical procedure. When it comes to checking the prostate there are always two techniques and they are the digital rectal exam and we also have the prostate specific antigen test.

One of the advantages of taking the digital rectum exam is that it only takes a very few minutes for the doctor to complete the exam which is very good. When it comes to the PSA this often done in conjunction with the DRE and it is just a very simple blood test and for the test to be done a man always needs to prepare for several days before the test is done. When one is going for the test one is not supposed to ejaculate for the last 48 hours and also one must be very free from any urinary tract infections and also complications. With the PSA test one should not engage themselves in any vigorous exercise and with this it means 48 hours before the exam is done. When one goes for the PSA test one of the things that one should make sure that they know is that it takes an upward of 14 days to come back and thus one should be ready to wait.