Do you Feel one Sided-Signs that Show your Partner is not Satisfied Sexually.

Are you sure whether your partner is satisfied with the sex in the relationship? Up to 62% of people in relationships admit that they are never satisfied with their current sex life, and the need to look for solutions to fix the problem.

Lack of communication is an indication that your partner did not like the sex encounter, if they fail to communicate or give a feedback to the sex they were not satisfied, read more here.

It is not just talking that sends signals but physical contact should be responsive, if their toes are not crawling or they are not panting when in the act they could be bored.

Once there is too much of something,it often comes out an not real, once you start noticing your partner is going on overdrive complimenting you, it is a clear sign that they are hiding something, read more here.

As much as over complimenting is not a bad thing, is a sign that your partner is trying to send a coded message and they will try and start telling you on the positions to take.

if you are in healthy relationship then you should have physical contact and that will start with a kiss, read more here.

Once you are through with sex and for many couples they will embark on cuddling, this is the time when you are physical attracted to one another and this show that you have a strong relationship, read more here.

For every relationship, there are those unspoken signs that it is time to get intimate, but once you notice your partner is not interested or does not initiate sex, then it means they are not satisfied even after sex.

One hint that you can tell is when your partner does not want to tell you something straight forward and you will be left guessing like speaking of their friends hot sex game.

The advantage of this sign is that you can ask your spouse to ask their friends what makes their sex hot, take this advantage and pick more.

If in the deed you notice you are the only person who showed up to the party and they are not interested then it is high time to address the issue because they are definitely not part of the deed, you could be worrying about the size and you could talk and come up with the right positions.

Well, did sex used to take some quality time but you are now feeling rushed to the finish line? This is a sign that they are just there for the act and not to make you feel happy and satisfied, read more here.