How to Spice up Your Home-made Brew

If you are reading this, you must be conversant with the ways you can make beer from home. After mastering this art, there is no limit to the varying techniques you can use to come up with something great and new. Has it appeared to you that adding fruit to your drab brew can make it better and sweeter? It is, however, paramount to note that you should not simply mix several fruits into the fermenter. You should follow some steps to prepare and add some fruits into the beer. Reading this article will offer you helpful insights from Woody’s Home Brew on how you can sweeten your brew through fruit addition.

It is paramount to begin by establishing the right type of a fruit you intend to use. Remember that your products selection will play a significant role in determining the final product. According to some people, using fresh fruits is the way to go. Others believe that it is alright to use pureed fruits or juice. When selecting the fruit, there is no limit as for the fruit you can use. Remember that the fruits will never have similar acidity, sugar and acidity levels. If you go for fruits that are very sugary, the level of alcohol content in your brew will be high. Woody’s Home Brew are committed to offering you the information that you need to ensure you make the best tasting homebrew.

Many advantages come with using fresh fruits. One of the benefits is that is the fruit flavor will be intact. Processing of juice and pureed fruits may alter their taste. The process of brewing may, however, be complex when you use fresh fruits, and it may also cause unfriendly microorganisms. Avoid adding anything that is not sterile to your beer. The supplies offered by Woody’s Home Brew are safe and sterile, and thus free of any microorganism.

You may not find it easy to get some specific fruit types at certain times of the year since fruits are seasonal. You, therefore, might not be able to make use of fresh fruits during such times of the year. You can never fail to find juices and purees since they are always available. Unlike the fresh fruits, purees and juices are free of microorganisms. Woody’s Home Brew will tell you that it is paramount to taste the fruits to ensure that they are of high quality.

Adding fruit into a fermenter is of paramount importance. Woody’s Home Brew has made getting the right fermenter very easy since they offer fermenters that are of top quality.