News of Suspended Players and Notes for College Games

News concerning college football varies substantially. For instance, you occasionally find that particular decisions on the roster are supposed to be addressed because of some off-field issues that arose. Numerous players take part in college football in every single day; thus, you can anticipate a wide array of issues to come up. For now, there is a variety of news that are going round. You will find issues that have come up in the recent past on this site.

The latest case on the news media is about the Clemson players suspension. The players were suspended after testing positive for a controlled substance known as Ostarine. The players will not go into playoffs since they have been suspended for the rest of the season.

The players were caught after they underwent an impromptu drug test. In spite of the three players missing the play-offs, Clemson still won the championships. Dexter Lawrence, one of the suspended players, is expected to join the NFL while his teammates will be returning to college football. Presently, Clemson has filed an appeal so their layers can undergo further tests to verify the allegation of substance abuse. Nonetheless, the fate of the team in the future is still not clear as the case is ongoing.

Rice Football is another team on the news after a former player was convicted. Stuart Mouchantaf, the defendant, is said to have sold Vicodin to his teammate. Unfortunately, the drug was an elephant tranquilizer. The teammate was succumbed to an overdose of the drug after consuming it. The player will be charged with the death of his teammate since the municipality stressed on dealers shouldering the burden of bad dope. In addition, the Municipality also stressed on using harsher terms on players who are involved in dope distribution than regular drug suppliers. Considering that the college football teams have are greatly affected by drug abuse problem, both coaches and athletic directors are collaborating to check it out whether they can stop the menace before it destroys their reputation whenever the info leaks to the news media.

Two players linked to the LSU Football team are also trending after they were involved in a lethal shootout. The shootout resulted in the death of an 18-year old. The police reported that the LSU players were attempting to sell an electronic gadget to the deceased. However, he attempted to rob them, so they open fire. For now, the players are still free as the police said that the players opened fire in self-defense as their clients wanted to rip them off. Investigation is ongoing.