Ways in Which Hirsutism can be Managed

Hair does not grow the same way in men and women. The hair growth patterns in men and women differ because they produce different hormones. The places, where dark grows in men apart from the normal places, is chest, back and face. Hair does not grow in such parts in women. Face, chest and back hair grows in some women. Hirsutism is a condition which makes some women grow hair on their back, chest, and face. Such women also have symptoms like pimples on their face, a deep voice, small breasts and thin hair on their head.

Hirsutism is caused by a number of things. One of the main cause of hirsutism is the production of high amounts of men’s hormones by some women. Hirsutism can be a genetic disease in your family. So all women from such family suffer from it. The signs and symptoms of this disease make women have low self-esteem. The signs and symptoms of this condition can be managed if a woman sees a doctor. A number of things can be done to manage hirsutism. Some of the tips which can be applied are discussed In this article.

Ensure that you have a healthy weight. Reproductive health can be improved through weight loss. More female hormones will be produced by a woman when she has healthy weight. Therefore, the signs and symptoms of this condition will be controlled. To shed extra weight, you can eat foods which aid in weight loss. Examples of foods which will help you have a healthy weight are skinless chicken and fish. Eat small meals frequently. Exercising also helps in shedding extra weight. Extra fat will be burn through exercising and hence a healthy weight.

Mind what you feel. The signs of hirsutism will worsen when one is often stressed. Therefore, you need to avoid stress as much as possible. One can avoid being depressed by doing a number of things. One should seek a guiding and counseling professional to counsel her. Find a friend and talk to him or her about whatever you are feeling. Stress level can be reduced through exercising.

Get rid of the unwanted hair from your body. People suffering from hirsutism are mainly uncomfortable because of the hair on their back, chest and face. The confidence of those people is boosted when the hair is removed. The hair removal is done through a number of ways. The unwanted hair can either be waxed, electrolyzed or shaved by the use of shaving creams in order to remove it. Skin irritation and pimples growth can occur if you fail to shave the unwanted hair in the direction it is growing to. In case you are suffering from this condition, manage your condition using the methods mentioned above.

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